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Facial Contouring

The medical science has developed enough to give us the control of looking the way we want to look, without going through a highly sensitive surgery like Plastic Surgery. Using Anti-Wrinkle Injection & Fillers, you now have the choice to own your looks. Be it your nose that’s too short or thick, or your jaw should just have been a little different - all that can now be achieved with DermaCircles Signature Facial Contouring Treatment.

At DermaCircles, we believe that beauty and looks are highly subjective and a matter of perception. Everyone is beautiful. However, we also believe in enabling everyone to look the way they want to look. And we are determined to help you reach the perfection that you thrive!

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About the Procedure

Get the look you desire!

We have a substance known as hyaluronic acid beneath our skin, which is responsible for the “young” look of our skin. With age, this hyaluronic acid reduces from our skin, which makes our face look tired, sad, angry or fat. By replenishing the hyaluronic acid into our skin, we can convert all these negative traits into positive ones. Intradermal fillers restore the volume and makes us look happier, younger and refreshed.

Post treatment, the results are reflected immediately and lasts for 18-24 months. Post 18-24 months, maintenance sessions can be taken.

We understand you and your looks. We can help you improve them.


AIIMS Qualified Dermatologists

We have the best Dermatologists, qualified & trained at AIIMS and who have immence experience with skin, care and anti-aging treatments.

Best Technology in the World

We only use FDA approved machines and we ensure they are the best ones available in the world. We never compromise with the quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Possible side effects are numbness of the area treated which can last for about an hour. Bruising can occur at sites where the skin is thin. This if happens resolves in a few days. It can easily be camouflaged with concealer or foundation.
The results lasts for 18-24 months. Once the results start to fade, maintenance sessions can be taken to get back the look.
The entire treatment can be finished in 1 session. The decision lies with the patient whether they’d like to complete the session in one go or multiple sittings. However a minimum of 4 syringes are required to show a noticeable change.
About 85% result is visible immediately after the procedure. During the course of the week the filler absorbs water and the full result is shown.
Typically the procedure takes about 1 hour to complete.
The injection has an anesthetic in it so they are minimally painful. For the pain sensitive patients a numbing can be applied one hour prior to the procedure which reduces the pain further.
Post procedure in some patients some redness may occur. This can easily be concealed with a foundation and patient can resume daily activities immediately after the procedure.This is classified into “lunch-time” procedure.
There are solutions available that can be injected to help get your former look back in a matter of hours.

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